Welcome to the City of Sarcoxie’s new website!  Actually, welcome to the City’s new website project.  The City, Chamber of Commerce, and various community organizations are in the midst of a complete revamping of our website and have decided to go with a soft start to establish a framework that can be built upon with new pages and content.

The goal of our new website is two-fold.  First we want it to be the premiere source of information for the folks who live in and around Sarcoxie.  Secondly, we want it to be a window front that shows the world our little community.  When fully up and running, people accessing our website will be able to find useful information as well as contact us with questions and information.

Please be patient as we work to turn our goals into a reality we can all use and be proud of.  And please keep checking back to see the additions and changes.

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Press Release on new WCA provided Trash Containers

 Date: 1/24/15

 Helpful information about the new WCA provided trash containers:

  • Contact City Hall if you:
    • Need a 2nd container. There is an additional fee of $5 per month.
    • Need to switch out to the smaller 65 gallon containers.
    • Have problems getting your trash can to the curb.
  • Pull your container back away from the street after the trash is picked up. The same city laws apply.
  • When you pull your container out to the curb for pick up, it needs to be placed within 3 feet of the road and not close to your mailbox or anything else that can obstruct pickup or be damaged.
  • If you want to throw away your old trash containers, tape a sign to it and pull it out to the curb so WCA can pick it up.

Please start using your new WCA containers instead of your old containers. WCA will soon stop picking up trash in the old containers.

Again, please contact City Hall if you have any questions or concerns.

Don Triplett


City of Sarcoxie